Karen did an excellent job of staying flexible during our atypical wedding reception. We had a partial live band set up in addition to Karen's recorded music, and it worked out seamlessly switching back and forth between live and recorded music. We had a different request to have all Beatles music playing during the cocktail hour and dinner and Karen provided that with no problem. We also had Greek dancing during the reception and some different music requests, which Karen was able to provide. Overall, it was a great, relaxed reception and the music /MC services provided went along perfectly.


Karen did our wedding by herself and she was great! We originally were supposed to have an outdoor wedding, and she was all set up and then BAM¸ it started raining. She adjusted quickly and we were able to get everything ready to go inside in no time. She played a great mix of songs and kept everything running on time. I didn't even need a coordinator to keep the day on track (our wedding was smaller though). Karen brought glow sticks to get the party started, and played a lot of group dances (at our request of course) to get everyone up. She even brought train whistles and we all were doing the train around the venue. She really made the day special and added personal touches like lights of our wedding colors. She's really flexible, all you have to do is ask and she will make it happen.


Karen and Randy have got to be the best DJs you could ever find. My husband and I were the first of our friends to be married, so we were pretty at a loss in the planning process and what to expect, but they were so organized and in-control through the entire process. They made sure to meet with us well before the wedding to explain everything and go over every detail, and even checked up on us via email to make sure we weren't forgetting anything or falling behind in planning our songs and events. At the wedding itself they made sure everything went super smoothly. Their musical knowledge should go without saying, but it really was wonderful – we loved every song, and they even managed to find a Japanese song I'd requested from my time living there, though it couldn't have been easy and I didn't have a copy to give them. We also did a traditional eastern European dance (the "Redovy") at our wedding, and Karen and Randy were super great about finding the track and getting it seamlessly organized. Besides all that, they were really friendly and always asked us what we wanted to do. They helped us have a wonderful wedding.

Devan and John Soyka

We feel very fortunate that Karen and Randy with B&B Sound were recommended to us for our son's wedding. They provided the most amazing and professional disc jockey and organizational services all while being professional and easy going. They were involved from the first stages of planning until the last car drove away. It was a magical, fairy tale evening held in a challenging setting. Our multi-level home, with multi-level outdoor areas, was the venue for both the wedding and the reception and offered many opportunities for disaster. Karen and Randy had their eyes on every detail, yet they blended into the celebration supporting the atmosphere of a gathering of family and friends. I am positive that the amazing success of the evening was due to Karen and Randy's attention to detail and commitment to ensuring that everything happened at the right time and everyone had a wonderful time, all with a backdrop of great music. It was perfect!


Karen and Randy were awesome DJs at our wedding. Our music taste was all over the place from country to old school rap and even included some southern rock. They were able to provide us with all of our favorites, and even some that we forgot to put on our list. When music came up that they didn't have, they were more than willing to download songs.

My husband's family is Persian and wanted Persian music to be played at the reception. They were more than willing to download different Persian dance music and even got on the dance floor and danced with us. Overall, we had a wonderful wedding that would not have been the same without B&B Sound. I would (and have) recommended them to any engaged couple who love music and want to dance the night away at their reception. Thank you so much Karen and Randy for providing us with such a great time!


Karen Bayer and Randy Benton were absolutely fantastic form the first point of contact until the very end. They were prompt in returning phone calls, met with us at our convenience and even at our house, provided a lot of insight in the “order” of the reception and listened to our preferences for music. They provided us with help in selecting music and were sure to listen to what we didn't want. In addition to that, they went to our reception site, even when we couldn't join them, to check it out and decide how best to set up their spot. They met with the site event coordinator and made sure that what they needed would be provided. The day of the event, they were prompt and professional. They were well-dressed and ready to go as soon as guests began arriving. They were well-prepared, even having a first aid kit for a guest who cut their foot, made a last minute garter when I dropped the ball, and made sure to play some music for us that was special to us, like polka music for my husband's Midwest family, and took the extra step to find our hard to find music for the father-daughter and mother-son dances. They were attentive throughout the night, checking in with us several times and at the end of the night, gave us a gift of wedding bears as well as CDs with the special songs of the evening. I would very highly and strongly recommend them for your event, you won't be disappointed!


We had a very unusual outside wedding that was absolutely gorgeous. We are a musical family and because of the flexibility and sensitivity of the DJs in B and B Sound, we were able to incorporate several elements that would not have been possible otherwise. The dinner and dancing were in a different part of the yard from the ceremony, so they set up two systems and another for the bride's brother's to play a special guitar duet in her honor. In addition, authentic Estonian dancers came by canoe from the river and the DJs supported the folk music so they could perform some ethnic dances. The dance music later was lots of fun, selected for our tastes and people danced until midnight. The DJs even provided appropriate music for a midsummer's bonfire that the bride and groom lit with separate torches. It was a beautiful, unforgettable wedding and an incredible reception that's to them. We highly recommend them.


B&B Sound was the deejay for my elementary school parties. It is very difficult to get 500 Kindergarten through 5th grade students up and dancing. Karen was amazing and the students had a ball. The students and their parents were up dancing! She had been referred by several other schools.

I was so impressed with the quality of their music, their ability to engage the crowd, and their level of professionalism that I asked Karen to deejay my wedding reception.

We met prior to the wedding and I reviewed their extensive inventory of songs. She only played the songs I selected and was there early for setup. I had a fairy tale wedding and a beautiful reception. B&B Sound was a very large part of the success of my reception. I often view our wedding video to see my family and friends dancing it up on the dance floor. My husband and I left the reception and we were amazed to see that the music continued long after we were gone. Even 7 years later, we still enjoy reliving that day.

The music is one of the most important features of the wedding reception. People will remember three things about your reception, how beautiful the bride looked, the food, and the music. All three were outstanding! Everyone still talks about my deejay and where did I find her. I recommend B&B Sound without hesitation. Great job B&B Sound, we’ll see you for our ten year renewal of our vows!!!


Randy and Karen were great. They are so organized and fun to work with. They really kept us on time during the reception while keeping people on the dance floor. Guests commented on how they loved the surprise party favors the brought. For the price they are like a day of planner and DJ in one. They were critical in helping us figure out the reception schedule. They were also really flexible meeting us when we needed it since we are out-of-towners. I would recommend them to anyone.


Randy and Karen hit the nail on the head on exactly what we wanted. Young and old at the reception told us how much the enjoyed the music. They are also very organized and thorough when they work for you.  Would recommend them in a heartbeat. Great people.


The DJs of B and B Sound were amazing! They had a fantastic set-up, music, sound, and interaction with our wedding party and guests! We highly recommend them to couples looking for DJs who will bring fun and professionalism to their wedding celebration!

Holly and Tony Mossburg

Randy and Karen were superb as DJs for our wedding in July 2011. More than playing music, they were the “entertainment coordinators.” We didn’t have to think about anything; it was already taken care of. Doris and I worked closely with Randy and Karen in establishing our timeline.  They listened to our music requirements and made suggestions. Together we developed the perfect mix for our wedding reception. B and B Sound is superb and a very good value. Highly recommended.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Dost

If you want to find a DJ service that is totally organized, pays, attention to every detail, is professional and above all friendly, B&B Sound is the one. We were pleased in every way. Karen was great with the guests and we received many compliments on this part of the wedding. I will be booking them again for my other daughter’s wedding!


Randy and Karen were fantastic! They met with us to go find out our vision for our wedding and provided resources to assist us with the planning. A month before the wedding date Karen joined me and my caterer to do a walkthrough of our site, clarify the timeline for the event, and identify any other issues in advance so everything would go smoothly. On the wedding day, they made sure I knew what to do and pitched in to make sure things were the way I wanted (even moving tables!). They did the music for both our ceremony and reception and they did it beautifully! I highly recommend them.


Karen and Randy were GREAT to work with. They kept the tunes playing with little or no talk! Our wedding was a dance-a-thon with their great selection of music. They made our wedding day a dream come true!


B&B Sound was so organized right from the start. We worked with Karen specifically, and before we met with Karen, we had no idea how everything at the reception was going to flow.  Karen gathered all our ideas and input and put together a very clear and concise plan of action for the reception. She incorporated all our ideas and even allowed us to change up our song choices a few days before the wedding. B&B was awesome!


B&B Sound did a wonderful job providing music and entertainment for our son’s wedding last October. From our first contact on, they were easy to work with and Karen and Randy offered excellent personalized service. They provided exceptional recommendations, not only for music, but for managing the ebb of the reception and for special lighting that added to the event. Most importantly, they got the party going. Their sense of what to play to get people dancing was flawless. Before, the evening ended, not only had most people at our reception enjoyed themselves on the dance floor, people from other events at the venue were stopping by to dance.


Randy and Karen were absolutely amazing. They listened to my every concern and every need for months before my wedding. They gave me song lists of TONS of songs to choose what I like. On the day, Randy and Karen did their introductions of my bridal party flawlessly because they had practiced all of the names beforehand. I thought that was really professional and considerate of them. The also made Dan and I two CBs from the evening…one of the songs we had on our “must play list” and the other was the special songs, like the first dance, father-daughter dance, etc. Randy and Karen handed out glow bracelets and bubbles to wedding guest to use as they wished. The guests had an amazing time and my husband’s friends are still talking about Randy’s CD collection. Randy and Karen both took the time to talk with Dan and I during the reception and ensure everything was going as I had planned and as I had dreamed of.  At the end, they gave us a Beanie Baby Bride and Groom set. It was so cute and is proudly displayed on our entertainment center in our living room. Randy and Karen did an absolutely amazing job for us and I would recommend them to absolutely anyone.


Karen and Randy did a fantastic job at my daughter’s wedding at Top of the Town! Karen was our POC for planning the details and she was extremely organized and flexible. Due to her experience with weddings, she was able to provide suggestions that made the day extra special. As the DJ’s, Karen and Randy acted as the master of ceremonies providing for a seamless evening as we moved through the cocktail hour, dinner buffet line, and dancing. The music selected by them with input from our family truly made for a magical night. I would highly recommend B&B Sound for any event in which you are looking for a DJ.


Our DJs were the best. They not only worked our 4 hour reception but oversaw our ceremony and arch of sabers. Karen and Randy were extremely professional; made sure my needs were met, and put on a great party. They started out with tuxes but with our permission changed into matching patriotic button down shirts, which really added to the ambience. They really made me smile and fit right in!


Karen and Randy truly are exceptional djs. They went way beyond what I asked for by helping me create my wedding schedule, providing bubbles and glow sticks to entertain the children and add some really cool effects to our photos and by being really in tune to what the crowd wanted. I was very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge through experience. They really made a great party and EVERYONE had tons of fun!


B&B Sound was part of an excellent event for us. During a time that you can imagine would be very stressful, B&B made our lives a great deal easier by meeting all of our music needs. One of the areas where we needed particular help was preparing our rather rare processional and recessional, one in which each set of relatives had their own music. B&B helped us out providing us a copy of our ceremony music, in advance of the wedding so we could test the waters in rehearsal. It even served as a nice keepsake. My wife and I also had fairly eclectic music taste, our guests were no different, and we had many requests to make, some of which we know would be hard to find. Much better than any typical DJs who allow you to request only 15 or so songs. And of course they were on time, well dressed, and in control.


Karen and Randy were outstanding DJs for our wedding. They met with us prior to the wedding date to determine our needs and wants and they showed us the wide array of music they could provide for our reception. They listened carefully, not only to specific songs that we wanted played, but were attentive to the tone we wanted to set for our event. They were well equipped and arrived in plenty of time to set up without stress. They were absolutely fabulous at the reception. Many guests commented on how great they were at reading the crowd, taking requests and contributing to the fun! We would not hesitate for a minute to call Karen and Randy again.


B&B Sound was very awesome at my wedding. They were professional and responsive. I was able to get in touch with them easily and they really helped me plan my reception. They were so flexible and even stayed an extra hour at my reception because we just weren’t ready to go.


Neither my husband nor myself like to dance, but the DJs kept the party going and we had a blast dancing all night long!

Nurse Brook

Dear Karen and Randy,

We wanted to wholeheartedly thank you for a phenomenal execution of your talents. Your professionalism was second to none. We appreciate you going above and beyond what was in our itinerary and paying special attention to our wants and desires. From helping us devise a contingency plan when our violinist was late, to playing damage control with a less than sober groomsman, you aced it all. If ever there was a company that deserved a thumbs up, pat on the back, firm hand shake, or homage paid on one knee, B&B Sound is that company. Thanks again from the bottom of both our hearts.

Mark Michael and Sandra Lynn Mohay

Dear Karen and Randy,

Our association with you began in the planning stages when we first decided to go with a deejay rather than a live band.  You suggested options that were only available by working with the two of you. We had some unusual requests, such as surprising our daughter with a special song her grandmother had recorded, honoring the couple who had been married the longest time, and locating a recording of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to serve as an intro to another more serious song for Lia and her father's first dance. On numerous occasions, I contacted you with changes and additions to our original and extensive list of songs. Not once did you ever sound less that totally enthusiastic that Barry and I wanted to be so involved with planning the evening. Your selection of songs during the dinner portion of the evening was perfect. Our guests were able to enjoy conversing with one another in an atmosphere of suitable music. The special lighting provided additional excitement and complimented your stunning outfits. I am especially pleased that you exceeded Barry's and my expectations during this special time for Lia and Trent.

Most Sincerely,
Judith A. Thompson

Fate is a strange thing,

Karen and Randy came into my life by accident. There is not much one can comment on when one encounters the polite, courteous, professional, expertise and rare character of Karen and Randy. Not only did they plan every minute of the reception, accommodate all our crazy requests for music, play an amazing array of renaissance feasting music, were pleasant, discreet in their manners, kept the focus on the fun and the guests present, but they actually cared about every detail in the planning of our reception. They treated us like we were family. It's rare, I believe, in this day and age that we come across two professionals that you can put your trust in to cover the most important moments of your life. Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding. Thanks to Karen and Randy, I did.

With love and the utmost respect to you both,
Kenneth, Vasiliki & Angelo

Military/Business/Corporate Functions

Karen did a fantastic job of providing a wide range of music to cover the large age group at our Agency's 70th Anniversary Celebration. People were up dancing the entire night to both fast paced music, and with their significant others during some meaningful, slow songs. She made sure to keep people up and moving when she handed out glow sticks and wooden train whistles. We had a train that lasted several minutes! All the guests told me they had a great time, and I know that can be attributed to the atmosphere set by Karen with the music she played.

Leading up to our event, Karen reached out to me to discuss song selections, and the sequence of events for the evening. She provided her input when needed based on her experience. She arrived early to set up, and stayed late to close down, and went above and beyond to help us set up for the party. These are things that gave our event the special touch we needed.

I have made a point to make a note in our file to reach out to Karen again for our 75 th Anniversary Celebration.

Danielle M. Miller
U.S. Army Audit Agency

We have contracted your services for several years as entertainment for our residents. The response from our residents was overwhelming and then to see our staff jump in and have a good time with them was wonderful. This year for our annual Holiday Tree Trimming festivities for residents, families and staff, we decided to do something a little different then what we had done for the last 14 years and booked you to be our entertainment for the evening. It was easily the best decision we made. Everyone was engaged, laughing, dancing, and singing. Even now a month later, residents and families are still commenting that it was one of the best parties they have been too. You knew what we were looking for and you provided it — for that we thank you. Looking forward to seeing what you bring in 2017.

Heartfields at Fredericksburg

Dear Karen and Randy,

Once again, you and your crew did an excellent job at our Capital Hospice Polo Cup event. You have a great selection of music and I did not have to worry about a thing. This year was very difficult due to the storms the night before and having to play outdoors with very little covering. You were flexible, calm and had an answer to every dilemma that the event or Mother Nature posed. Please put us on your calendar for next year. You are so professional and the event is that much better because you are there spinning your tunes.

Best Wishes,
Carol Kennedy
Director, Special Events
Capital Hospice

Dear Karen,

I wanted to write to thank you for your participation at our Company's Toys for Tots Christmas Party. The party was a great success and we owe a lot of that success to you for setting the perfect atmosphere with a great selection of music that set our holiday scene. At the end of the day, the staff and I enjoyed you expanding the music selection and sharing your Karaoke microphone while we cleaned up after the event. That was so much fun!

Ruth Garavalia, Owner
Monarch Pool Company

"String of Pearls"

B&B Sounds created such a great party atmosphere for our employee holiday party our staff has requested they return for  a summer Sunrise team picnic!  Karen and Randy have a sixth sense of what will get people on the dance floor, the variety of music they can play is incredible, they always have something for everyone.  When Karen got out on the floor and lead line dances, the house was rocking!! 

See you again soon!
Sunrise Assisted Living

"Karen made our residents feel like they were marching down Bourbon Street at our Musical Mardi Gras celebration.  We had such a large number of residents participate in this due to Karen's enthusiastic encouragement!  The look on our residents faces as they played all sorts of musical instruments, tapping out rhythms was absolutely priceless. Because of the high level of energy created, residents stayed engaged well over the usual 1 hour time span. Everyone is asking when Karen is coming back!"

Sunrise Assisted Living


Everything went beautifully. I really appreciate your part in everything. The kids (and all of the guests, really) clearly enjoyed the music, as the dance floor was always hopping. But for me, I was especially grateful for the superb job you did MCing the event. I didn't have to worry about a thing because you kept it flowing so nicely. I can tell you put a lot of time into it, and I really do appreciate it. Thanks so much.


Private Functions

Wow, I can't thank B&B Sound enough for keeping my wife's birthday party hopping, and their part in making the event a night we won't forget for a long time. The energizing sounds from Karen and Randy got us all in motion and partying like we used to. Their timing had just the right mix with familiar oldies that warmed our hearts as we swayed with nostalgia. Both young and old filled the dance floor all night long. I was particularly amazed at how Karen was able to mingle with the crowd and intuitively adjust the play list to fit the right mood and bring out our best dance moves... Thanks again B&B for a wonderful night!

Rick and Margaret from Reston

To Whom It May Concern,

It is without reservation that I can recommend B&B to perform in any venue for any audience. Together they have the talent and natural intuitiveness to produce music and ambience that matches any event and audience.  In addition, both individuals are highly conscientious and responsible, thus eliminating any concerns regarding time lines, preparedness, or appropriateness by event sponsors. No sponsor will be disappointed should they support or hire B&B for their events.

Thank you,
Jane Stephenson, Adjunct Faculty
The George Washington University

Dear Ms. Bayer and Mr. Benton,

I am writing to say how very pleased we were with your disc jockey services at my 50th birthday celebration at Gunston Hall. My husband and I also called upon you to make several announcements with which you showed flexibility and professionalism. You were very punctual setting up and breaking down, also important when one is renting a hall and time is money.

Mr. & Ms. Walt Rock
Former Player for the Washington Redskins

School Functions

B&B Sound did a fabulous job DJ'ing our annual school dance! Karen's enthusiasm and love for her craft was evident from the get-go, and her flexibility in rescheduling after a snow cancellation was greatly appreciated! B&B sound was incredibly professional and easy to work with before, during and after our event. The feedback after our dance from teachers and parents alike was "You have to have her back next year!" and "She did an amazing job!" The entire evening was a success thanks to Karen's positivity and skill, and she clearly loves what she does! We would recommend them to anyone without hesitation, and can't wait to invite B&B Sound back to our school next year!

Woodburn Elementary School

A big thumbs up to Karen Bayer and B&B Sound. For years, they have DJ'd our Annual Sock Hop and have done an outstanding job. You can tell they love their job, as they make the entire evening so much fun for the kids – holding grade-level hula hoop contests, helping us implement our “crazy sock” competitions, handing out prizes, providing the latest and greatest music for line dances and just popular music. They are easy to work with and make our volunteer job at school all that much easier. When B&B Sound does the DJing, they take care of all your DJ needs!

Olde Creek Elementary School, Fairfax, VA

Mardi Gras at Washington Mill Elementary School!

This was not your average hired DJ. Karen and her partner, Randy, are both educators by day and music aficionados by night. While Randy spins the tunes, Karen captivates the students with hands on, personal attention.  She answers requests, leads dances, smiles, jokes, and generally conveys to the children that she is happy to be among them.  The music comes continually and gives the children a great mix of the old and the new. You can tell 6th graders are satisfied when two hours flies by without any discipline problems and all you see are smiles, cameras flashing and kids dancing, girls AND boys. When Karen and Randy are around, it is truly a PARTY!!!

Tish Howard
Principal of Washington Mill ES

Dear Karen and Randy,

The event was a first for Newington Forest Elementary School. Parents and students weren't sure what to expect, but the result was amazing. From the Electric Slide to the Cha-Cha Slide and the Limbo, you provided "kid friendly" music and entertainment. Parents have done nothing but rave about the Spring Fling Dance. They expressed great joy in an evening that promoted a true family atmosphere. It was exciting to see parents and kids having so much fun together.

John Kren, Principal and Chris Gray, Assistant Principal

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with much pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf f B&B Sound. Karen and Randy recently provided musical entertainment at a principal luncheon hosted by the Cluster V Office with a Mexican Fiesta theme. Ms. Bayer and Mr. Benton selected music that was most fun and appropriate for the occasion. They encouraged audience participation and had principals out of their seats and on the dance floor in no time. They read their audience well and chose music that was appealing and appropriate.

Betsy Fenske
Cluster Director

Dear Karen,

You guys were great!!

Daniel A. Domenech
Superintendent of Schools
Fairfax County Public Schools (Retirement Function)

Bubble Parties

I am the director of the Merit School of Stafford. I am writing this recommendation letter for B&B Sound. We have used them for several years as an in house field trip.  The children love the interaction with Karen and the bubbles. Music is provided based on ages of children as well as activities conducted.

Sherry Roberson